Read about some of our exceptional staff nominated for exemplifying The Leander Way!

Name: Lacey Sprague

Campus/Department: Block House Creek Elementary

Job Title: Licensed Vocational Nurse

Component of the Leander Way: Build

“Nurse Lacey builds a positive and caring attitude on and around our campus by the way she helps, treats, and interacts with everyone she encounters. She responds to students with patience, love, and care. She is always considerate of what is best for the students and seeks collaboration and partnership with parents and the BHC staff. We love our Nurse!”

-Susie Schlenz, Administrative Assistant, Elementary Principal at Block House Creek Elementary

Name: Laura Ryon

Campus/Department: Winkley Elementary

Job Title: Administrative Assistant, Elementary Principal

Component of the Leander Way: Think

“Laura exemplifies THINK students first, systems, & continuous improvement! She has implemented systems to support campus administration being in classrooms and meeting with students. She also supports systems for campus communication, students’ experiences, and celebrations! The systems she implements and supports help us build relationships in our Winkley and LISD Communities and create innovative student experiences.

Laura THINKS students first by embracing ‘Innovation & Excellence’ for Winkley and LISD, because she knows that students, families, and school experiences are our priorities!”

-Dr. Davina Stringer, Winkley Elementary Principal