Strength in agility and alliances makes our LISD Super Kid Emma Heckler an outstanding student no matter where she’s learning!

Emma pursues excellence every day. The fourth-grader at Jim Plain Elementary has made it even more evident in the way she’s handled remote learning. Emma stays super positive about the circumstances and knows that at the end of the day, she is in charge of her own learning. She has taken a lot of responsibility to complete schoolwork at home and continues to strive for quality work and her best effort!

However, we also wanted to celebrate Emma for the things unseen in our new, atypical classroom settings. Emma is a good friend to others. She shows trust, kindness and sets a good example. 

“Emma is the epitome of an all-around great young role model,” Plain Elementary fourth grade teacher Kaia Dock said. “She treats every person with respect and demonstrates what hard work can do for a person.” 

We are beaming with pride for LISD Super Kid Emma Heckler!