QUEST Instructional Assistant Tiffany Horton at River Ridge Elementary School is the Leander ISD Staff Spotlight of the Week.

River Ridge Parent Lisa Minck said that her son is new to the QUEST program this year, and initially struggled to acclimate to the rigor of the program. Tiffany patiently worked with him one-on-one for many class sessions and helped him through his project, making QUEST his favorite part about school.

Minck said that she is so grateful that her son has an intelligent, caring and compassionate educator like Mrs. Horton to assist the primary classroom teacher.

“Mrs. Horton is an absolute treasure. She cares so deeply about her students and consistently goes above and beyond to provide whatever supports they need to feel successful and confident in the QUEST classroom,” Minck said. “Mrs. Horton’s patience has no end. She is a very dedicated member of the campus community.”