ICAP (Individual Community Academic Program) Special Education Teacher Lance Estes at Rutledge Elementary is the Leander ISD Staff Spotlight of the Week.

Lance joined the elementary world at Rutledge after years of serving at the secondary level in Special Education. He jumped into this new role with both feet and has become a crucial member of the Low Incidence Disability (LID) and Special Education teams at Rutledge. 

According to Rutledge Assistant Principal Leanna Pesta, Lance consistently helps where he is needed, supports every teacher and student, provides a safe learning environment for his students and challenges them in ways that build confidence in their learning and social development.

“Lance works with some of our most vulnerable students on campus, and has built incredibly strong relationships with them and their families,” Pesta said. “We have watched his students make remarkable strides this year because of the trusting relationship he has with his students, families and support staff.”

Pesta shared that Lance truly exhibits collective responsibility everyday, a sentiment shared by other coworkers and Rutledge families.

 “Lance brings genuine joy and excitement to every interaction he has with our students,” another Rutledge staff member shared. “He empowers them to be the best they can be each day. It is evident he truly cares for each student on this campus.”