At Naumann Elementary School, it is the mission of teachers, administration and community members to inspire and nurture each child to become a lifelong learner and successful leader in the community. The Site-Based Planning Committee at Naumann ES makes its own efforts to make that mission a reality.

“Our Site-Based Planning Committee is really great about aligning their efforts with what the campus is focused on,” said Keith Morgan, Ed.D, principal at Naumann ES.

Naumann students reading

The campus sought a way to unite all of the grades in a singular higher-level thinking project. In order to meet that need, the Committee implemented a “Wonder Wall” at each grade level.

The Wonder Wall features encouragement, challenge questions and activities. The students are rewarded by being able to participate in the challenges on the Wonder Walls in any spare time they may have, such as when they finish their work early or even as students walk the hallways. Students themselves refresh the areas of the Wonder Wall every one to two weeks.

“We’ll do whatever it takes to meet students with learning challenges where they are at,” Morgan said.

With that frame of mind, the Site-Based Planning Committee saw an opportunity to improve on learning in the morning before school begins. Last year, Naumann ES began offering extra help in the “Learning Lounge.” The Learning Lounge provides time for students to receive tutoring or extra time working with technology. It serves to help those students who need extra help, or even an extra challenge.

A Site-Based Planning Committee is made up of parents, community members, businesses representatives and district employees. The members guide campus decisions, addressing areas such as planning, curriculum, budgeting, staff development, staffing patterns and school organization. If you are interested in finding out more information about a Site-Based Planning Committee, please reach out to the campus your student attends.

Naumann also has a strong and active PTA. One of its focuses this year has been revitalizing the campus courtyard, making it a fun, visually pleasing aspect of the school campus. Along with volunteers, the PTA took on the project. They laid a new walkway lined with foliage, placed outdoor playhouses, and included brightly colored decorative elements. Once all the revisions are complete, it will be a place all of the students and staff can enjoy together.