This week’s LISD Super Kid Dejuan Curry flashes brilliance in his pursuit of excellence! 

Reed Elementary teachers and staff consider first-grader Dejaun the tip of the top of this Leader in Me Lighthouse Certified School. Dejuan puts forth his best effort every day to make his school work shine. He transcends expectations to help his classmates and teacher. He believes learning is fun and he has big dreams for the future!

“Dejuan is a joy to have in class,” Dejaun’s teacher Lisa Summers said. “He goes above and beyond with his work and helping others.”

Dejuan spreads joy everywhere he goes, riding his bike and going to the park with his family. When he grows up, he wants to be a police officer.

For his sense of duty to learning and his devotion to his classmates, we’re proud to call Dejuan Curry an LISD Super Kid!