Feel the heat with LISD Super Kid Bailey Salinas!

Bailey started this school year at Block House Creek Elementary virtual, very timid and shy. She did not have a lot of confidence. Consequently, she hardly participated in class. Through this very tough year, Bailey has slowly risen to the top of her class academically. Engaging and connecting, she now participates all the time.

“Something just clicked in Bailey’s head with virtual learning and now she is unstoppable!” Block House Creek ES fourth-grade teacher Jennifer Hyde Newman said.

Making the swim team has made all the difference for Bailey, both academically and physically. A child with cerebral palsy, thanks to swimming, she’s only doing physical therapy once a week instead of two. In her first competition, she won second place in her heat! Oh, to see the waves of accomplishment! 

A gold medal kinda gal, it’s an honor to see LISD Super Kid Bailey Salinas swimming in success!