Interactions in and out of the classroom testify to a child’s character. That’s why Plain Elementary third-grader Dalyla Madrid is our LISD Super Kid! 

Dalyla is a rockstar on the soccer field. Sure, she competes at a higher level with teammates older than her. But, her politeness, helpfulness and coachability tell the other half of the story. Considered a good luck charm for her older sister’s soccer team, leave it to Dalyla to wish all the players well before the games.

“I have known Dalyla for years now and have been lucky enough to coach her the last two seasons,” Leander Rattlers coach Paul Mise said. “Numerous times I have seen her cheer on her team or try to pick someone up when they are not having the best day. Her smile will light up your day and make you smile a bit more.”  

Dalyla pursues excellence in play, just like she does in her classwork. She completes assignments to the best of her ability, persistent when faced with a challenge. Wired with a deep concern for others, she enlightens the entire class.

“Dalyla has the biggest heart,” Plain Elementary third grade teacher Lisa Hushka said.  “She is always happy and tries to help those who aren’t.”

For helping you have the best day just by being herself, we scored big with LISD Super Kid Dalyla Madrid!