LISD Super Kid Evelyn Maly has come up with the perfect recipe for success!

Evelyn attends Grandview Hills Elementary. One day after school, the fifth-grader had a conversation with her interventionist Julie Medford. Evelyn asked for a more challenging reading selection.

When Julie asked why she particularly wanted to be challenged, Evelyn responded by saying that if she was never challenged to go beyond her everyday learning, she would not learn how to push herself for other challenges she would face in life, in college and all along the way.

Amazed by her response, Julie gave her the challenging passage and she did an outstanding job!

“It takes a wise and diligent elementary student who is willing to pursue excellence to not only realize, but take action in the face of life’s challenges,” Julie said. “At Grandview Hills that student is Evelyn Maly!”

This fun-loving girl can absorb herself in all things Minecraft, but also spends time outdoors too, on nature walks. She flexes that adventurous side in the kitchen when she makes treats, a big fan of baking and cooking.

Where there’s a whisk, there’s a way! We’re craving triumph over trials for our LISD Super Kid Evelyn Maly. Way to go!