Leander ISD’s annual Festival of Bands took place on Monday, Oct. 1, 2018, at Gupton Stadium in Leander. The event featured all LISD high school marching bands and auxiliaries in exhibition marching performances as well as a combined finale performance featuring all of Leander ISD’s band programs – its eight middle schools and six high schools.

Thank you to this year’s sponsors: Strait Music Company, Thomas Musical Instrument Repair, CSI Corporate Services International, Gehan Homes, Flores Mexican Restaurant, and The Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundation.

Continue reading for more information on each band’s performance, and scroll to the bottom of the page to view a photo gallery from the night’s event.

Congratulations to our talented students on outstanding performances!

Glenn High School – “Big Sky”

Music: Aaron Copland, Billy Joel, Edvard Grieg
Music Arrangement: Ryan George
Percussion: Tyler Sammons
Visual Design: Madison Wood, Joey Powell, Mykail Costner, Amy Suggs
Band Staff: Kim Shuttlesworth, Amy Suggs, Jacob Gall, Mykail Costner
Other Staff: Aaron Mills, Chris Sawyer, Shannon Ross

Rouse High School – “American Tapestries”

Music: Ron Nelson, Sting, Aaron Copland
Music Arrangement: Evan Van Doren, Andrew Markworth
Visual Design: Jamey Thompson, Joshua Wendt
Band Staff: Jason Robb, Ryan Johnstone, Caitlin Hall, Drew Saenz
Guard Director: Jen Barton
Rhythm Dance Company Director: Amy McKee
Other Staff: Clayton Stroup, Scott Lowe, Anna Wessels, Noah Oliver, Madi Janysek, T.J. West

Leander High School – “Polarity”

Music: Glass, Metallica, Tschaikovsky, Mancini, Marquez, Piazzola
Music Arrangement: Ryan George, Colin McNutt, Iain Moyer, Michael Zellers
Visual Design: Keith Potter, Jeremy Hunt
Band Staff: Robert Selaiden, Ali Carraher, Michael Swiren, Michael Zellers, Will Callaway
Other Staff: Kellen King, Andrew Ricketts, Cole Scott, R.J. Hensley, Casey Kunze, Nick Roman, Elizabeth Earthman, Mark Hambleton, Aaron Sanchez, Ryan Licalsi, Hunter Reinhardt

Cedar Park High School – “On With The Show”

Music: Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon, Bob Merrill, Jacques Offenbach, Dmitri Shostakovich, Aram Khachaturian, Stephen Sondheim
Music Arrangement: Michael Klesch
Visual Design: Justin Sullvan
Visual Choreography: Joshua Wendt
Percussion Arrangement: Andrew Markworth
Band Staff: Steve Wessels, Christopher Yee, Kendall Stevenson, Roland Chavez, Justin Sullivan
Other Staff: Marcus Neudigate, Joshua Wendt, Chris Josey, Sarah Hinderliter, Joseph Bermea, Dexx Moore, Nathan Snyder

Vandegrift High School – “Rise”

Music: Ottorino Respighi, Miklos Rozsa, Bela Bartok
Music Arrangement: JD Shaw, Andrew Markworth
Visual Design and Choreography: Jeff Sacktig, Samia Mooney
Band Staff: Mike Howard, Katie Van Doren, Dustin Tharp, Joe Hobbs, Samia Mooney
Other Staff: Adam Chrobak, Kazoumi Motoike, Stone Wang, John Malito, Hunter Dugie, Alex Magness, Hector Garcia, J.P. Gagaza, Charlie Stevens

Vista Ridge High School – “Lost and Found”

Music: Michael Giacchino, Pat Metheny, Imogen Heap, Don Ellis, U2, Peter Gabriel, “Amazing Grace”
Music Arrangement: Ryan George
Percussion Arrangement: Tom Rarick
Visual Design: Richard Hinshaw
Band Staff: Reid Atkinson, Bryan Christian, Hector Gil, Zach Santos, Erin Kosman
Other Staff: Zakkary Milligan, Zach Rodgers, Will Fettig, Mason Clark, Christian Garcia, Jonathan Bolton, Ivan Trac, Cindy Willis, Jordan Walsh, Matt Hart, Liam Keanini, James Neblett, Lauren Roeder, Katie Rivers

Cedar Park Middle School Color Guard – “September”

Directors: Justin Sullivan, Sarah Hinderliter

Grand Finale – LISD Combined Middle School and High School Bands

Canyon Ridge Middle School Band Staff
Amy Allison, Amanda Klingenberg, Jeffery Salinas

Cedar Park Middle School Band Staff
Britni Dunn, Jason Brown, Kyle Norris, Roland Chavez

Four Points Middle School Band Staff
Jessica Gonzales, Cori Reebenacker, Adrian Teti, Joe Hobbs

Henry Middle School Band Staff
Robert Herrings, Andrew Binkard, Katherine Willer

Leander Middle School Band Staff
Cathy Teltschik, Matt Newton, Chloe Davis, Jacob Gall

Running Brushy Middle School Band Staff
Van Robison, Mark Urbina, Evelyn Binkard

Stiles Middle School Band Staff
Darcy Williams, Jenna Yee, Alex Ortega

Wiley Middle School Band Staff
Taylor Williamson, Serena Finnigan, Cristina Barrera, Drew Saenz

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