Student and staff safety and security is our primary priority. We recognize that there have been recent virtual classrooms that have been compromised in our district as well as school districts around the nation. Due to this threat, we are adding layers of security when our students enter the virtual classrooms through Zoom. We are beginning to implement enhancements today and will continue to add further enhancements in the coming weeks. The option to require authentication as a district account is now available and is being piloted starting today. 

This upgrade to technology includes the following:

  • Attendance tracking
  • Additional instructional tools
    • Polls, annotation, premade breakout groups
  • Greater control of security settings:
    • Instructors can require additional authentication to join meetings 
    • Students would not be able to start meetings
    • Differentiate access based on user groups
    • Access to enhanced support from Zoom

Our goal is to ensure the safest and most secure learning environment where our kids can focus on learning and will not be exposed to content that is not intended for young minds. We recommend that families discuss the importance of staying safe online and look forward to partnering with our families and community in this endeavor.