LISD Reopens for In-Person Learning Through Phased Approach on Sept. 8

Families who chose in-person learning for their students will begin returning to school starting on Sept. 8. During this first phase, the following students will be able to return to on-campus instruction.  

  • Pre-K, Kindergarten, first, sixth, and ninth grades, 
  • students who receive special education services,
  • children of LISD staff members enrolled in our schools, and 
  • students without home internet access.

All other students will continue to engage in Virtual Empowered Learning until we begin the next phase. 

On Sept. 16, we will announce the final plan for Phase Two, starting as early as Sept. 21. Currently, in addition to hosting in-person learning for Phase One students, the goal is to welcome back students in:

  • second, seventh and 12th grades, and
  • students receiving dyslexia services through a 504.

In this update, we have:

  • a video showcasing in-person learning,
  • an update on automated attendance notifications, 
  • bus route information,
  • details for health screening, 
  • notification procedures for positive COVID cases,
  • an update for elementary school student devices, and
  • details about YMCA after-school care at elementary schools.

We know in-person learning is critical for most kids and that limiting risk for our teachers, staff, and students during the global pandemic is non-negotiable. Please partner with us by reviewing our protocols in the Health Response Handbook and reinforcing the essential practices of wearing face-coverings (all students and staff should be wearing a mask), handwashing, and understanding our health screening processes with your family. 

A Peek Into In-Person Learning

Automated Attendance Notifications Start for ALL Students on Sept. 8

We will be turning on our automated attendance notifications for all students, including in-person and virtual, on Sept. 8. As with other Leander ISD messaging, we will send the attendance notification through Remind. To adjust your notification settings, please read this article about the district’s messaging system, Remind

Bus Route Information and Notifications

Bus route information for eligible 2020–21 bus transportation is now available in TransFinder. Please check this site routinely over the first few weeks of school for routing updates.

The Transportation Department will be using the Remind platform to communicate delay notifications and other important updates. Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 8, all eligible bus riders – not just those in the phase-in plan – and their guardians will be added to a Remind “class” for their assigned bus route.

Please see this help article on removing yourself from this Remind class if you do not wish to receive transportation notifications. This article has information on setting your notification preferences, allowing you to receive a Remind message as a text, an email, or both.

You can find details on social distancing and sanitization on buses in our Health Response Handbook.

Before Returning to Your Campus, Verify Your Health and the Health of Your Student

Daily self-screening for infections will be critical to minimizing viral spread for in-person school. Your school will have a form for self-screening. As a reminder, symptoms for COVID-19 include at least one of the following: 

  • fever, 
  • sore throat, 
  • shortness of breath, 
  • difficulty breathing, 
  • new cough, 
  • the new loss of taste/smell, 
  • diarrhea/vomiting/abdominal pain, 
  • and a new headache. 

If you or your student are symptomatic, please stay home. Here are our protocols for students who become symptomatic while in school.

Notifications of Positive COVID Cases

With students returning to in-person learning, we will be notifying all families and staff of positive cases on your campus or in your building. If you or your student came into contact with the person with COVID, either your campus COVID team (for students or visitors) or human resources (for staff) will contact you directly and coordinate the next steps between you and the county health department. The county health department will be determining whether or not there is a need to quarantine. We will be coordinating with staff to work from home when possible (including teachers) during quarantines. Students will have the option to continue virtual learning during a quarantine. 

Elementary Students Bring District-Issued Devices on the First Day of In-person Learning

To prepare our elementary students for the upcoming phases of in-person learning, avoid using shared devices in our classrooms, and provide students the device aligned with our LISD classroom technology template, we want to give some guidance and instructions for technology use.

YMCA After-School Care Begins 

YMCA after-school care will begin Tuesday, Sept. 8, for students attending Phase One, in-person learning. We are offering this program at their home campuses. As we phase in, students will be allowed to participate in the Y Afterschool program if they are registered. The YMCA will provide care for PreK–fifth grade for those campuses with PreK students. YMCA care will be available for K–5 students at all other campuses.