This fall, Vista Ridge High School debuted INCubatoredu, a program that brings learning to life by inviting local entrepreneurs to teach business start-up skills in LISD high schools. A second program is slated to launch at Vandegrift High School in 2018.

Vista Ridge INCubatoredu students started by forming teams and creating business model canvases. The 15 teams then presented their business models to mentor volunteers in a round-robin format, asking questions and seeking advice. Each team was matched with a mentor to support the team for the remainder of the school year.

At year’s end, the teams will pitch their ideas to a “Shark Tank”-like panel for feedback and potential funding assistance. Those that complete the process successfully will advance to the second year of the program, ACCELeratoredu.

Community members can support the program in a variety of ways, including volunteering and monetary donations. For more information on the INCubatoredu program, visit To volunteer, please email [email protected].