She needs no crown to prove her distinction. Adorned with a heart of gold, Leander ISD Fine Arts Student of the Week Rebecca Saccone has earned the respect and honor of those around her! 

Rebecca leads the Rouse High School Royals dance team as their captain. Not only has she proven outstanding, but she has also received many accolades throughout her time on the dance team. In 2018, her teammates voted her Rookie of the Year. The next year, she took home the honor of Sophomore of the Year and was voted Royal of the Week during football season. In 2020, the troupe chose her as “Most Dedicated Royal”. Dedication to not only dance but theatre as well!

“One of the most hardworking students, Rebecca leads her team with humility and grace,” Royals director Amy McKee said. “In a year full of unknowns, she has risen to the challenge and led her team to make the most of every moment.” 

Worthy of splendor, take a bow, Rebecca Saccone, LISD Fine Arts Student of the Week!