We’re shining the spotlight on Leander ISD’s Fine Arts Student of the Week Jake Jecker!

Jake is an amazing actor! The eighth grader’s performance in Henry Middle School’s UIL play Antigone was so strong that he helped the entire cast up their game. Before school closures, Jake was directing the drama club play. His passion also fueled his fire to teach theatre games every week during enrichment.  

“We would not have a thriving drama club without Jake Jecker’s leadership and tireless commitment,” Henry Middle School Theatre Arts teacher Melissa Wotkyns said.

 Jake’s devotion to performance doesn’t end when the curtain closes. He also helps backstage and was planning to run lights for Henry’s spring play. He even volunteered to help with an elementary school show in March.

A standing ovation for Jake Jecker–Leander ISD’s Fine Arts Student of the Week who exemplifies how being backstage is just as rewarding as being on it.