Leander ISD was awarded a grant from the state of Texas this year for almost $1.8 million dollars to implement a crisis alert system. The district has started installing the technology and equipment in our schools. With testing and training happening now, the system should be ready and available for use starting next school year. Every building will have this system installed.

This press-button alert system routes requests for help to key personnel instantly. Crisis Alert provides clear and critical information to all impacted personnel, ensuring everyone is ready to respond to any situation. First responders receive precise location information, enabling them to respond faster. The system delivers alert location accuracy, total campus coverage, and immediate audio and visual notification, all with simple activation via a press-button badge.

We anticipate this type of system will be mandatory in all of our schools based on legislation being passed this session. We want to continue to stay ahead of others by installing now. The installations will happen after hours. Staff and students may see new devices in rooms. The company will locate items strategically, but the devices may be plugged into an outlet in some areas. Again, we will not use this program this year and training will be provided. To look at the system more closely, visit. https://www.centegix.com/education/.