LISD’s Career and Technical Education Student of the Week has a four-year, full scholarship to the University of Notre Dame.

Congratulations to Glenn High School senior Melany Gavira, who successfully helped launch the campus’ Future Medical Professionals club. She played a huge role in providing ideas and goals for the organization and how it will be structured to benefit future GHS students. Melany has also helped with team building and serves a role model for many of the members in the club.

“The fact that she has received a scholarship of this magnitude simply proves that with intent and high expectations of yourself, you can achieve the unthinkable,” advisor Leo Carranza said. “Many of my biomedical science students look up to Melany as a leader and role model. She has given them hope and motivation to become better versions of themselves. I am looking forward to seeing her contributions to society and the field of medicine in the future.”