Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) provide students the chance to apply their CTE curriculum in competitive events as well as develop their leadership skills for the future. Students in Leander ISD’s Health Science programs of study have an opportunity to participate in HOSA – Future Health Professionals.

HOSA is a globally recognized student-led organization focused on empowering members by providing education, collaboration opportunities and hands-on experience in the evolving healthcare landscape. The organization has grown to over 260,000 members since its inception in 1976.

Members of HOSA are also active on their campuses in a variety of health initiatives, including community awareness events like an upcoming one planned by two Rouse High School sophomores. As reported by the Rouse Rumbler, Mihira Manickam and Akshaya Gummadavelli recently launched a Heart to Heart campaign to spread awareness about malnutrition.

“We picked malnutrition because it is a vital issue that many do not know about and we wanted to help raise awareness and encourage people to take action,” Manickam said. “We believe that [the topic] of malnutrition for our competition can help to make a difference in the fight against it.”

Read the Rumbler’s full report and learn more about Manickam and Gummadavelli’s event here.

Additional benefits for HOSA students include opportunities to compete on a local, regional, state and international level. Throughout the year, the organization offers competitive events in 82 health industry-approved areas.