Thanks to a grant from the Oliver Foundation, Leander ISD Child Nutrition Services is proud to present Eat the Alphabet with Roving Chef Philip Hutton. This video, above all, will help students and parents keep healthy eating and physical exercise top of mind.

With the letter A, you’ll see Chef Philip prepares a Honey Apple Slaw. With jump ropes in hand, Steiner Ranch Elementary PE teacher Allison Dyer demonstrates Agility and Aerobic exercise. alongside a handful of SRE stallions! A stampede of food & fitness, we can’t wait to see families round-up for healthy living!

During the last week of school, Steiner Ranch second-graders watched the video and sampled Chef Philip’s recipe. Each of them received a free jump rope and tried out the different ways to use it.

honey apple slaw recipe
Chef Philip’s honey apple slaw recipe
A is for Agility and Aerobics
Students were given these instructional cards along with a free jump rope.