The Board of Trustees finalized the zoning change for Elementary School #27, approved the superintendent performance goals for the next school year, and added new, critical staffing positions at its March 22 meeting.

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Board finalizes zoning option for Elementary School #27

In August 2019, the district is set to open Elementary School 27 in the Larkspur subdivision off U.S. 183, north of the South San Gabriel River in Liberty Hill. After months of considerations and community feedback, the Board formally adopted Scenario B to relieve crowding at Plain Elementary and minimize the potential for families facing multiple rezonings. The Board’s formal adoption of the zoning scenario impacts approximately 500 students, minimizing the rezoning impact to families with the opening of future elementary schools in the near future.

Superintendent Performance Goals for 2018–19 adopted

The Board formally approved the administrative team’s draft of the Superintendent Performance Goals, including the targets and measures for the 2018-19 school year. These include academic performance, college and career readiness, closing the achievement gap, and the effective use of district resources, among others.

Board signs off on budget update, posting of critical positions for 2018–19  

The Board voted to approve the early hire of critical positions for 2018–19 school year, including individual position requests from campuses and departments. An emphasis on reducing the student-teacher ratio in fifth grade from 26:1 to 25:1 was reflected in the six campus fifth-grade teaching positions posted. In an effort to enhance the district’s safety and security, the district will also hire a law enforcement supervisor to act as a liaison with its School Resource Officers, staffed by Cedar Park and Leander police departments, as well as the Travis County Sheriff’s Department.