Following an extensive effort to collect community feedback – resulting in nearly 5,000 survey responses – the drafts of the LISD academic calendar for 2019–20 and 2020–21 are coming into focus.

The 2019–20 calendar, which the Board could formally approve at its Jan. 24 meeting, includes the following features:

  • mid-August start date with a short first week;
  • the last day at the end of May;
  • more balanced semesters;
  • professional learning during the school year; and
  • a Spring Break that aligns with the University of Texas at Austin.

The Board of Trustees considered the proposed calendars and reviewed a summary of current stakeholder feedback. The district collected feedback through the following groups and surveys:

  • Districtwide Educational Improvement Council (DWEIC)
  • Superintendent’s Executive Council
  • Surveys to:
    • District staff (sent 12/21/18)
    • Campus principals (sent 12/13/18)
    • Community members (sent 12/21/18)

“No academic calendar is absolutely perfect,” Board President Aaron Johnson said. “Our focus continues to be on what gives students the best chance to succeed, as well as supporting our families and teachers with a sensible schedule and professional development opportunities.”