On Jan. 7, a large number of Leander ISD student-musicians competed in the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Area Auditions. At the auditions, 46 LISD Band and Choir Students were selected as TMEA All-State Musicians, the highest individual accomplishment that a high school student can attain.

These auditions were the third round of a highly competitive and selective audition process. According to LISD Fine Arts Director Mike Howard, students began diligent preparations for these auditions this past summer.

“This accomplishment is certainly a testament to their hard work and self-discipline over a period of several months to reach this goal,” Howard said. “Please join me in offering a huge congratulations to these students and their directors on this exceptional achievement. We are certainly proud to have them representing Leander ISD.”

These 46 LISD students will be performing with the All-State Bands and Choirs at the TMEA State Convention Feb. 8-11 in San Antonio.

All-State Choir

  • Ava Callaway, Cedar Park High School, Soprano 1
  • Casey Caldwell, Vandegrift High School, Soprano 1
  • Neha Poreddy, Vandegrift High School, Soprano 1 
  • Sophie Gwaldo, Rouse High School, Soprano 2 
  • Elizabeth Orona, Vista Ridge High School, Soprano 2
  • Brooke Ferguson, Cedar Park High School, Alto 1
  • Abby Brooks, Vandegrift High School, Alto 2 
  • Maura Connors, Vandegrift High School, Alto 2
  • Jackson Whitmire, Cedar Park High School, Tenor 1
  • Aidan Cox, Cedar Park High School, Bass 1
  • Akash Shah, Vandegrift High School, Bass 1
  • Julian Rabago, Cedar Park High School, Bass 2

All-State Band

  • Koustubh Galagali, Vandegrift High School, Flute
  • Nadia Verlinsky, Vandegrift High School, Flute
  • Ethan Tran, Cedar Park High School, Oboe 
  • Julianne Choe, Vista Ridge High School, Oboe 
  • Sarah Snyder, Cedar Park High School, Eng. Horn 
  • Bowie Wu, Cedar Park High School, Bassoon
  • James Park, Vandegrift High School, Bassoon 
  • Cade Cassens, Vandegrift High School, Clarinet 
  • Ethan Huey, Vandegrift High School, Clarinet
  • Francisco Ardilla, Vandegrift High School, Clarinet 
  • Thomas Collyer, Vandegrift High School,Clarinet
  • Hayden Grier, Vandegrift High School, Bass Clarinet 
  • Abraham Ly, Rouse High School, Alto Sax
  • Sasha Sanchez, Vista Ridge High School, Alto Sax 
  • Nathan Alexander, Cedar Park High School, Bari Sax 
  • Ali Acosta, Glenn High School, Trumpet 
  • Aiden Spicer, Leander High School, Trumpet
  • Carson Frank, Rouse High School, Trumpet 
  • Anthony Kunz, Vandegrift High School, Trumpet 
  • Katherine Votruba, Vista Ridge High School, Trumpet 
  • Ryan Silva, Vista Ridge High School, Trumpet
  • Charlotte Allen, Vandegrift High School, French Horn
  • Oscar Delgado, Vista Ridge High School, French Horn 
  • Amaan Syed, Vandegrift High School, Trombone
  • Noah Sabbavarapu, Vandegrift High School, Trombone
  • Reece Cowan, Rouse High School, Trombone 
  • Edwin Thornton, Vandegrift High School, B.Trombone 
  • Adalia Stiglich, Cedar Park High School, Euphonium 
  • Alexander Brown, Cedar Park High School, Tuba
  • Michael Vangeli, Vista Ridge High School, Tuba
  • Kai Gray, Cedar Park High School, Percussion 
  • Trey Thompson, Cedar Park High School, Percussion 
  • Lluvia Castillo,Glenn High School, Percussion
  • Rebekah Hall, Rouse High School, Percussion