Building more than just toys, #1LISD Super Kid Maximiliano Castro is setting a foundation of loyalty!

You can find Max in his kindergarten class at Whitestone Elementary with Tinkertoys or magnet tiles in his hands. While busy constructing away, he notices and connects with his classmates. Max has shown on several occasions his loyalty to anyone around him. When someone needs help, he tries to make sure that they know he’s standing by them. What a good friend!

Not to mention, Max exemplifies loyalty in his work. He makes sure to finish his assignments. Then, he plays an influential role as a team member as others complete their work. Mindful of his space, he keeps things in order, starting with his belongings, his table, and the classroom. Overall, he contributes to making Whitestone a beautiful place!

“Man wears pride and loyalty in a good-hearted way,” Whitestone ES kindergarten teacher Ali Muñoz Deleon said. “Such a sweet kid, he helps us be a better class!” 

With so many years ahead of him, Max is building character to last. Raise the roof for #1LISD Super Kid Max Castro!