We’re so proud to recognize Ximena Iniguez as this week’s #1LISD Super Kid! 

Constantly reaching for the stars, Ximena exemplifies the pursuit of excellence. Even when the Cypress Elementary fourth-grader encounters a tough, high-level math problem, she never gives up. Taking up the challenge, Ximena gives her best effort to solve the problem, never afraid to ask for help.  Recently, Ximena wrote an assignment on her most prized possession. She expressed a fondness for her father’s honor student medal. She mentioned, “It motivates me to work harder to one day get an honor student medal, too.” 

“Ximena shows the makings of an all-around amazing girl who features care, determination and a sense of humor. She adds so much to our classroom,” Cypress ES fourth-grade teacher Margie Jacobson said.

In her free time, Ximena loves to draw and play soccer. As a big sister, she loves her little brother so much, she entertains the class with her stories about him!

No tall tales here, #1LISD Super Kid Ximena Iniguez lives up to every word! Congratulations!