Turning a walk into more than just footprints, #1LISD Super Kid Jaiden Gomez shows how small steps can make a huge difference.

Each morning when the Knowles Elementary third-grader arrives at school, he walks his younger brothers to class. During this short trip, Jaiden takes the time to greet other children with a “good morning” and a smile.  Before sending his siblings to class, he gives them a hug, says “I love you” and tells them to have a great day!  

“Jaiden is an exemplar of showing concern for others,” former Knowles ES Principal Lara Labbe-Maginel said. “Not only does he fulfill his big brother duties, but he goes out of his way to greet others and to ask them how they are doing or if they want to walk to class together.”

Way to go, #1LISD Super Kid Jaiden Gozmes for making that extra mile look short, simple and sweet!