Reassuring and thoughtful, it’s good to know #1LISD Super Kid Charley Van has your back!

During a Grandview Hills Elementary performance, one of Charley’s, fifth-grade, classmates was having difficulty saying their lines. Charley was standing right behind them and sensed they needed help. Without hesitation and without being directed, Charley whispered his classmate’s lines into their ear, and his classmate was able to successfully say their lines!

At Grandview Hills, they strive to represent “Caring” as one of the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile Attributes. Charley helps show what it means. An asset to the campus, he will continue to serve and shine in any arena he enters. The GHE family considers themselves lucky to have someone like Charley!

“Charley’s positive attitude, eagerness to learn, and his pursuit of excellence inspire his classmates and teachers alike,” Grandview Hills ES Performing Arts Teacher William Phi said. “He consistently finds a way to help others, whether that means encouraging and cheering on his peers in class or bringing his friends along to go help our nurse during their free time.” 

A leader on campus, Charley serves in the early mornings, participating in the Safety Patrol program. In the afternoons, you can find him supporting the bus line. Not to mention if you need book recommendations or restaurant recommendations, Charley is the one to talk to! 

Five stars for Charley Van–#1LISD Super Kid! Way to go!