Volunteers offer a vast resource and support base for the school community, and they are especially invaluable to teachers who are on the front lines of education. Teri Sturdivant is a classroom helper at Knowles Elementary who makes the learning experience more enjoyable for students and teachers alike. 

“Teri is such a gift to our campus. She finds joy in each child that she supports in the classroom and has helped the teacher make so many learning extensions fun for every child,” said Principal Lara Labbe-Maginel.

Sturdivant is often referred to as a “lifesaver” by the teacher she assists. She helps with science fair projects like slime solutions that require students to follow recipes closely. Sturdivant ensures each student receives support as the class breaks out into groups. Because of her unwavering commitment in going the extra mile in service to students, Leander ISD recognizes this remarkable individual as Volunteer of the Week.