Launch to Learning 2020-21 updates are ongoing and subject to change as we continue to prepare for the school year. Please visit this article for the latest FAQs and information.

Leander ISD continues to plan for the start of the 2020-21 school year. In this update, we have the latest information for you on:

  • District opens student choice process for in-person, Virtual Empowered Learning
  • A recap of Thursday’s LISD Board Meeting information
  • Our updated Frequently Asked Questions database

District opens student choice process for in-person, Virtual Empowered Learning

While we’re starting our 2020-21 school year with all students in Virtual Empowered Learning (VEL), parents and guardians will soon be able to select their student’s choice for in-person or virtual learning after Sept. 7.

Click here to learn more about our Launch to Learning Plan for the 2020-21 school year.

Click here to complete the selection form.
Seleccione la opción de su estudiante haciendo clic aquí.

After the Aug. 13 – Sept. 7 period where all students will learn at home through VEL, Leander ISD will offer the following options for student learning:

  • Elementary schools:
    • 100% Virtual Empowered Learning
    • 100% In-Person Learning
    • A hybrid schedule where students will be in school or in-home learning based on an alternating schedule
  • Middle schools:
    • 100% Virtual Empowered Learning
    • 100% In-Person Learning
      High schools:
  • High schools:
    • 100% Virtual Empowered Learning
    • 100% In-Person Learning

A hybrid learning option will be offered at our elementary campuses in an effort to reduce in-person class sizes. This model will have half of the students on alternating days participate in-person and virtual independent learning leaving 11-13 students in the classroom at a time. This option may only be available at schools where enough families select the hybrid choice.

On July 17, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) provided school districts the option to adopt a hybrid schedule (a combination of in-person and virtual learning) instead of 100% in-person for grades 9 – 12 only. Leander ISD may explore this option as a means to reduce class size at the high school level and information will be shared throughout our planning process.

The district will open the student selection process for families on Friday, July 24. Parents and guardians will receive an email and text message on Friday with a link to submit their student(s)’s choice. On Tuesday, July 28, the district will send instructions for families without internet access to submit their choice(s) via telephone.

Parents and guardians will have until Aug. 6 to submit their choices.

The selection form also includes questions about internet accessibility so we can work with individual households to ensure connectivity and access to learning resources. Click here to complete the selection form

LISD Trustees

LISD Trustees focus on Launch to Learning 2020–21, dress code, equity and diversity, and legislative priorities during the Trustees’ regular board meeting Thursday night.
Read Board Briefs here. View the entire agenda hereWatch the video here.

FAQs at your fingertips

We know you have questions about how school (and all the activities that go with it) will look in the coming year. We are committed to keeping you informed with the latest information, which is why we’ve combed through thousands of emails and Let’s Talk messages to bring you FAQs on our constantly-updated Launch to Learning webpage. Latest additions are highlighted green for a few days and then moved into a queue under the appropriate subcategory:

  • Student and Staff Health,
  • Classroom and Campus Safety,
  • Social Distancing, and
  • Virtual Empowered Learning