Today marks the start of early voting in the Republican and Democratic primary elections. This is the time to embrace the power of our voices and the importance of democracy.

  • Your vote matters.
  • Your voice deserves to be heard.
  • If you care about the future of public schools, your assignment this spring is to become a voter in this election and every election after this!

In Leander ISD, we embrace a culture of voting. On Oct. 5, 2023, the LISD Board passed a resolution supporting and promoting a culture of voting. One of our 10 Ethical Principles is “Civic Duty” because we are dedicated to making the world a better place. So whether you’re a student, staff or community member, let’s make our community stronger one voter at a time.

Things to Know

  • Early Voting
    Tuesday, Feb. 20 to Friday, March 1, Hours Vary
  • Election Day
    Tuesday, March 5, 7 a.m.–7 p.m.
  • Election Websites
    Visit the county website for more information on polling locations, voting hours throughout the early voting period, and sample ballots for each party in each county.
    Travis County | Williamson County
    This helpful tool allows you to enter your address and receive personalized voting information, including what’s on your ballot.

Public education can be found up and down the ballot this primary election season. Historically, decisions about candidate nominations in these low turnout elections have been predominantly influenced by a relatively small group of Texans. In fact, when Texas held primary elections in 2022, only 18 percent of registered voters cast a ballot. Your vote can make a difference.

When it comes to public education, the primaries go a long way in determining, for example, how much funding local schools will receive, or whether state lawmakers will increase salaries for teachers.

This is why public education supporters need to engage proactively in this year’s primaries. The good news is that voting in primaries is rather easy. 

Open Primary

You can’t vote in a party’s primary if you’re not a member of that party.

Any registered voter can vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary (but not both). Supporters of public schools need to vote in primaries this spring.

Texas has an open primary, which means that any registered voter can cast a ballot in either party’s primary, regardless of which primary they previously participated in. The voter simply walks into the polling station and requests either a Democratic or Republican ballot.

Note: When you go to vote, your specific ballot will look different based on the jurisdiction or district you reside in.


  • Voting in a particular party’s primary does not mean that the voter will have to participate in the same party’s primary in the future.
  • The voter is free to support whomever they choose in the November general election.

LISD Polling Locations on Election Day

On Tuesday, March 5, several Leander ISD campuses will serve as polling locations, providing convenient, close-by options to go cast your vote.

Note: You must vote in the county in which you reside. However, in both Williamson and Travis counties, you can vote at any voting site in that county. Visit the county websites linked above for a full list of polling locations.

It has been said that decisions are made by those who show up. This spring, we should all take seriously our responsibility as citizens to show up and play our part in deciding which candidates will be on the ballot this year. The future of our public schools – and our state – could well depend on how many voices are heard.

We want supporters of public education to be heard.