Fifth Grader Kelton Romney at Plain Elementary School is the Leander ISD Super Kid of the Week!

Kelton’s teacher, Shelly Baker, said that Kelton shows kindness and concern towards his peers by stepping in to help when he sees a struggle. He shows accountability when he turns his work in on time without reminders and done with quality in mind. And every day he demonstrates perseverance and the pursuit of excellence by trying his absolute best and always having a growth mindset.

Baker said that Kelton demonstrates all of the qualities of a good citizen throughout the school and community.

“Kelton is a SUPER kid! His care and kindness towards others is unending. The dedication Kelton shows towards his academic success is truly remarkable,” Baker said. “He shows up to school every day with a smile and hug, a thirst for new knowledge, a growth mindset and his pride for Jim Plain Elementary!”