Fifth Grader Dylan Flourenz Garcia from Knowles Elementary School is the Leander ISD Super Kid of the Week!

School Nurse Donna Soto was walking by the handwashing station when she noticed an older student talking to a younger student. She stopped to listen and discovered that it was Dylan teaching another student how to wash his hands properly. The younger student was excited to have a fifth grader help him.

“Dylan was in an arm cast and that didn’t stop him from moving the step stool for the younger student to stand on or showing and talking him through the proper technique of hand washing,” Soto said. “This was done without realizing someone was watching him, which is also an example of integrity.”

Soto asked Dylan what prompted him to help and he said he noticed the other student was struggling to reach the water sensor.

“Dylan is always an exemplary student in and out of the classroom,” Soto said. “I’m proud of him representing Knowles in the classroom as well as the Leander FC Soccer Field.”

Dylan loves soccer and spending time with his family.