Fifth Grader Amelia “Kat” McKay at Grandview Hills Elementary School is the Leander ISD Super Kid of the Week!

Amelia goes above and beyond to help others around the school. There is not a day that goes by where she has not been observed helping teachers, other students and staff members.

Amelia nominated one of the Grandview Hills custodians for IB Eagle of the Month because she noticed how hard this custodian works to keep the school clean. When a new fifth grade student joined Grandview that and didn’t speak English, Amelia made a habit of checking in on this student and helping her with translating throughout the day.

“Amelia goes above and beyond to help with cleaning up the classroom and organizing leftover materials, helps to keep her groups on track, and genuinely cares about those that are around her,” Teacher Mary Moore said.

Amelia enjoys Reading Blue Bonnet and Harry Potter books, and reading books in other languages and translating them into English so she can learn the language. She is a student council Eagle Ambassador and participates in the knitting club.