More than 300 Leander ISD seventh-grade students had the opportunity to take college entrance SAT or ACT exams alongside graduating seniors as a part of the 2017–18 Duke Talent Identification Program.

Of the 300 participants, 92 received state recognition by scoring in the top 35 percent and 17 students scored 90 percent or higher, earning them grand recognition. The following students received grand recognition:

  • Charlotte Secord, Stiles Middle School
  • Virginia Mitcham, Stiles Middle School
  • Ashley Johnson, Four Points Middle School
  • Anthony Tang, Canyon Ridge Middle School
  • Lucia Lovett, Canyon Ridge Middle School
  • Nihar Janga, Canyon Ridge Middle School
  • Shriya Ganesan, Canyon Ridge Middle School
  • Rajvi Babaria, Henry Middle School
  • Kevin Pham, Running Brushy Middle School
  • Alexander Thummalapalli, Cedar Park Middle School
  • Bradley Sun, Cedar Park Middle School
  • William Schmitt, Cedar Park Middle School
  • Eshan Bharadwaj, Cedar Park Middle School
  • Arnav Batra, Cedar Park Middle School
  • Andrew Coleman, Cedar Park Middle School
  •  Nihar Janga, Canyon Ridge Middle School
  • Akhil Nellori, Four Points Middle School

Only about 4 percent of all Duke TIP participants receive grand recognition. Those students were invited to a special recognition ceremony May 21 at Duke University.

In order to participate in the Duke Talent Identification Program, students must score in the 95th percentile on achievement, state or intellectual ability tests.

Congratulations to these outstanding students!