Name: Amanda Wilson

Campus/Department: Vandegrift High School

Job Title: Assistant Principal

Component of the Leander Way: Build

Leander ISD is happy to announce this week’s staff spotlight, Amanda Wilson. Amanda exemplifies what is means to be a leader.   Amanda is an amazing colleague and BUILDS trusts and positive relationships with students and staff at Vandegrift High School.   Amanda Wilson is always fully present and ready to serve the students, faculty, and community at Vandegrift.  She is kind, compassionate, and supportive.  Amanda knows how important it is to focus on yourself, so that you can be more effective for our students.  Her empathy and guidance is what makes her so special.

”When I was struggling, physically and mentally, Amanda encouraged me to take time off and focus on my health.  She had a tough conversation with me and said all the things I needed to hear.”

-Brittany Skillern – AP , Vandegrift High School