Name: Kevin Keiningham

Campus/Department: ITS

Job Title: Applications Developer

Component of the Leander Way: THINK

Leander ISD is thankful to have Kevin Keiningham as a part of our district. Kevin is this week’s staff spotlight!!!   Kevin builds, thinks, and creates new systems and solutions that add value and improve employee experiences and department systems.  Thank you, Kevin!

 Kevin demonstrates The Leander Way and consistently delivers.  He is a THINKer and has been instrumental in our efforts to launch MUNIS.   He works behind the scenes to get things accomplished.  He has regularly gone above and beyond in ensuring that solutions are designed to meet customer needs, and has been charged on several occasions for not only thinking through, but also building/creating solutions.

“Kevin is exceptional and truly seeks to understand the business practices of the departments he partners with, in order to design and develop solutions that exceed expectations!”

-Eddie Curran, Executive Director, Human Resources