Darrell Volkert and the entire Warehouse Team

Name: Darrell Volkert and the entire Warehouse Team

Campus/Department: Business Services

Job Title: Supervisor, Lead, and Technicians of the Distribution Center/Warehouse/Copy Center

Leander ISD is rolling into May by celebrating this week’s staff spotlight, Darrell Volkert and the entire Warehouse Team!  Darrell and his amazing team continuously put the needs of students, teachers, and campuses first. Behind the scenes they ensure all stakeholders have what they need to be successful.  Learning is happening at LISD with the help of Darrell and his team. 

Darrell and his team are continuously looking to improve and support ALL systems in Leander. These rockstars support the Elementary Science Program in so many ways…..from the delivery and pick up of the modules at campuses, to the storing of additional modules at the main warehouse. The Warehouse Team is always willing to support our program with a smile and can-do attitude!

“The warehouse team understands the challenges of the Science Materials Center and every time we reach out for help and support, they think outside the box in trying to fit our needs into the million other things they have going on.”

– Brenda Howard, Senior Specialist, Science Materials Center