Chemistry Teacher Josh Geisinger at Glenn High School is the Leander ISD Staff Spotlight of the Week.

Student Remi Jobi said that she studies very late at night, and once she sent Mr. Geisinger an email of all the questions she had about the test review.

“I was very nervous because the test was the next day and I wouldn’t be able to attend his morning tutorials,” Jobi said. “Mr. Geisinger was able to reply to my email in time with all my questions answered so I would be able to study more before the test. For that, I am eternally grateful.”

Jobi said that Mr. Geisinger goes above and beyond for his students and his class is never boring.

“He always has one weird dad joke to crack,” Jobi said. “He knows how to make someone feel like they belong no matter their skill set or where they come from.”