Teacher Heather Bennett at North Elementary School is the Leander ISD Staff Spotlight of the Week.

Heather was nominated for staff spotlight by Heather and Jeff Reed, the parents of her fourth grade student, Becca. The Reeds said that Heather has regularly come to support Becca during her cheer season, sends them messages throughout the school day, and takes the time to stop and say hello when she sees them on campus. The way that Heather goes above and beyond in the classroom makes her students feel safe, accepted and loved.

The Reeds said that Heather has officially staked a claim in their hearts – and not just this school year, but for all the years to come.

“Heather is the teacher we will chat about 20 years from now as we gather together for dinner. She’s the teacher that will pop into our minds as we talk about those who have helped shape our lives and who we’ve become. She’s the teacher that will make us smile purely from the memory and impact she left behind,” the Reeds said. “Mrs. Bennett stands out because to us, she’s not just an educator, she’s someone who has given the gift of acceptance, encouragement and confidence to our daughter.”