Read about some of our exceptional staff nominated for exemplifying the Leander Way!

Image of Babette Riedmueller

Name: Babette Riedmueller

Campus/Department: Whitestone Elementary

Job Title: Administrative Assistant, Elementary Principal 

Component of the Leander Way: Build

Babette is the backbone of the campus. She works to make the campus feel homey from making sure we have supplies to clean our campus workroom or provide instructional materials for the classroom. She’s willing to haul the box or set up chairs or change the marquee during emergency remote learning. Babette makes a difference each day by making each person know they are the most important in that moment even with a pile of papers or to-do’s on her desk. Babette exemplifies the Leander Way!

Babette lives the Leander Way. She builds relationships by thinking people first. She is always willing to serve. Babette thinks about systems so that each stakeholder can access the materials they need to provide a strong learning experience. Babette exemplifies excellence in all that she does. She collaborates with other administrative assistants to consider how to do it more effectively!  Babette exemplifies the Leander Way!

Everyone should have a Babette in their life!

– Niki Prindle, Whitestone Elementary Principal

Image of Amy Rudd

Name: Amy Rudd

Campus/Department: Special Education

Job Title: Assistant Director of Special Education

Component of the Leander Way: Think

Amy has done an amazing job supporting staff in special programs and on campuses. She is a positive leader, listens actively and makes decisions with each student’s best interest at heart.

Amy put students first in all decisions made. She helps campuses and staff in creating and designing systems of support for our students. Amy seeks ways to continuously improve our department and does so with a positive mindset.

Amy is a passionate leader, focused on supporting others so we can provide the best opportunities for our students.

– Kimberly Waltmon, Executive Director of Special Programs