Gino Pena-P.E. Teacher, Camacho Elementary

Name: Gino Pena

Campus/Department: Camacho Elementary

Job Title: P.E. Teacher

Relationships, relationships, relationships is what this week’s Leander ISD Staff Spotlight, Gino Pena BUILDS on the Camacho elementary campus.  The Camacho tribe is jumping for joy to celebrate Coach Pena. 

Gino is committed to not only keeping our Cosmos hearts healthy through engaging them in physical fitness, but also keeping their hearts full with his leadership in restorative practices on our campus! Coach Pena is a leader at Camacho and is highly respected by staff and students. As a leader on our campus MTSS committee, he has helped guide and support staff on adding restorative practices within their classrooms. He has also actively sought out professional development in restorative practices to add to our campus toolbox of ways to build stronger relationships with our Cosmos.

Coach Pena is highly respected among staff. This is due to his ability to BUILD relationships and trust with teachers. He also values the time he spends during his classes implementing the relational practices, such as relate breaks and restorative circles.

“Coach Pena is a highly valued member of our Camacho Tribe!”

—Stacey Dowd, Assistant Principal, Camacho