Read about some of our exceptional staff nominated for exemplifying the Leander Way!

Team: Winkley’s Super Heroic Instructional Assistants!

Row 1 (left to right) – Tammy Martin (Special Education IA), Carrie Connors (Special Education IA), Kim Melanson (Quest IA), Sharonda Turner (Special Education IA)

Row 2 (left to right) – Roxie Farias Challis (Special Education IA), Carmen Cooper-Lee (Special Education IA), Christine Lowe (Special Education IA), Melinda Falk (Special Education IA)

Row 3 (left to right) – Amanda Balusek (Special Education IA), Christina Flores (Special Education IA),  Liz Ruiz (Special Education IA), Isabel Votaw (PE IA)

Row 4 (left to right) – Kimberly Wisdom (Library IA), Toby Martin (ELE Extended Day IA), Laura Gutierrez (ELE Extended Day IA), Cynthia Sledge (Special Education IA), Veronica Alvarez (Special Education IA)

Campus/Department: Winkley Elementary

Component of the Leander Way: Think

Our Winkley Instructional Assistants are Superheroes who rescue us, daily! They care deeply about the students and staff they support; their insight, integrity, and flexibility are just a few of the attributes that keep everyone afloat at Winkley!

Our Instructional Assistants always THINK students first! They understand how hard it may be for some students to succeed without extra support at times; they intuitively and intentionally seek to understand how to meet each and every student where they are. They also BUILD relationships with students, staff, and parents to best support innovation and goals at Winkley. Through all of their efforts and partnerships, they CREATE passion and purpose in our community!

– Davina Stringer, Ed.D. Winkley Elementary Principal