Name: Katy Martinez

Campus/Department: Wiley Middle School

Job Title: 6th grade English Language Arts

Leander ISD wants to congratulate this week’s staff spotlight, Katy Martinez.  Katy is a stellar 6th grade language arts teacher!!  She knows how to THINK outside of the box and do what is best for students.

Katy Martinez is absolutely a star!!   Teaching virtual and in person has been no barrier to her. When you step into her classroom, you FEEL excitement and a happy buzz of learning where students are truly engaged. Her excitement of literacy is evident in her voice as she reads with her students, guides them through critical thinking and exposes them to a variety of genres.

 Katy is extremely intelligent!! She ensures learning is deep and meaningful because she has tremendous knowledge of language arts content and curriculum. Katy has an amazing ability to build up teammates who are new to the teaching profession and/or the content.

“Katy has passion, heart, and skill! She is truly an inspiration to all educators and students.”

-Angela Hodges – Principal, Wiley Middle School