Name: Ryan Gough

Campus/Department: SPROG

Job Title: Adaptive P.E. Teacher

The sun is shining and so is this week’s Leander ISD staff spotlight, Ryan Gough!  Ryan has been instrumental and creative with keeping our LISD Lazers Special Olympics Community connected. 

Ryan is an Adaptive Physical Education teacher, a Lazers Special Olympics coach, and is currently Head of Delegation for LISD’s Lazers Special Olympics program.  During the trying times of Covid, Ryan has hosted our infamous Friday virtual dance parties, put together our Lazers Got Talent show, and helped organize the Lazers Reindeer Run.  The Lazers Reindeer Run, started out as a brainstorm by our team and developed into a community of individuals choosing healthy habits during an unhealthy time of year for the common goal of simply moving along a map.

Loretta Claiborne, a famous Special Olympics athlete inspired Ryan at an early age to get involved in Special Olympics.  Ryan uses this inspiration to BUILD positive relationships with all our athletes and their families.  She is a phenomenal Adaptive P.E. teacher and LISD is blessed to have her in our district.

 “Ryan is passionate about the Lazer athletes and sees value in each of their lives beyond what they do in athletics.”

-Kelly McMahan, SPROG/Adaptive P.E.