Name: Cara Braden

Campus/Department: Winkley Elementary

Job Title: SRP Teacher

It might be cold outside, but nothing can stop LISD from celebrating this week’s staff spotlight, Cara Braden!!!   Throughout the halls of Winkley you will hear students asking, “Mrs. Braden, what will we get to read today?”

Cara Braden knows, connects, and delivers her reading expertise to all her students.  She uses chants and songs to captivate her students.   Students love coming to Mrs. Braden’s class and can’t wait to see what they will be reading.

 Cara’s excitement for teaching reading is unbelievable!  Recently, Cara was jumping for joy when one of her students learned how to rhyme.  She doesn’t take anything for granted and celebrates all learning. 

“She has a calm, humble way of working with students, teachers, and families to make a positive impact.”

-Abby Hammond – QUEST Teacher, Winkley Elementary