Name: Sandra Loredo and Martha Hinojosa

Campus/Department: Leander ISD Administration Building

Job Title: District Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

DRUM ROLL please for this week’s Leander ISD Staff Spotlight, Sandra Loredo and Martha Hinojosa!!!!!!! They are the glue that hold the LISD Administrative/HR Team together. When you walk into the front office you are always met with a friendly smile, professionalism, empathy, and the ability to make you feel right at home.

The job these two ladies do everyday is not always easy. They walk in and hit the road running every single morning. Sandra is organized, calm, and easy going. Martha is organized, funny, and helpful. Together, they make the perfect team and are a bright spot in this office. Thank you Sandra and Martha!!!! You are the face of Leander ISD and when anyone steps into our administration building, both of you welcome them with open arms. You do a wonderful job and your hard work is appreciated!

“Sandra and Martha are helpful, patient, know how to have fun, and work great together as a team!”—Lisa Gibbs, Executive Director of Talent Acquisition and Elementary Support