Name: Nicole Lemore

Campus/Department: Parkside Elementary

Job Title: LISD Bus Driver

Leander ISD wheelie appreciates out staff spotlight of the week, Nicole Lamore!!!  She always goes the extra mile to get students safely to and from school.  Thank you Nicole for being a truly amazing bus driver!!!!

Nicole goes above and beyond every single day to BUILD relationships with students and teachers.  She gives the students words of encouragement before they leave the bus each day.  Ms. Nicole cares and devotion to each child she transports is evident. She sets LISD students up for success before they even enter the building!

Ms .Nicole does everything out of the goodness of her heart.  She wants students to know they are loved and cared for.  She is making a difference in the lives of students.

“Ms. Nicole is an amazing person!!!!  She gets the students safely to their campuses and BUILDS relationships with the students along the way so they have no doubt that she loves them and wants what is best for them.” 

—Karin Baker—–ESL Teacher, Parkside Elementary