Leander ISD will be auctioning off surplus equipment items beginning July 19, 2018. Items include several lots of maroon plastic classroom chairs, a Kawai upright piano, several lots of electric pianos, individual band musical instruments, several small safes with combination pads, industrial cleaning supplies, approximately 20 industrial custodial machines in various conditions, miscellaneous furniture.

Auction Details: 
Online Auction through: Lemons Auctioneer and Online Pros — Look for the Leander ISD auction

Auction Dates:

  • Online Auction Activation: July 17, 2018
  • Online Auction Preview: July 23, 2018. Call to schedule preview
  • Online Auction Closes: July 26, 2018
  • Online Auction Pickup Days: July 30-Aug. 1. Call to schedule pickups

Pickup/removal locations & hours:

  • Leander ISD Support Services Distribution Warehouse, 1900 Cougar Country Dr., Cedar Park, TX 78613