Sure, we might have heard the stories about disengagement, getting left behind, or a lack of motivation in distance learning. However, LISD Super Kid Bella VanTatenhove has channeled her superpower of Accountability to own her learning and take it to the next level!

The Camacho Elementary fifth-grader works so hard in Virtual Empowered Learning. She completes every assignment and dedicates her time and attention to attending specials. This exemplifies her loyalty to her education and school.

“Bella is an amazing student that shines in school and out,” Camacho Art teacher Loni Meyers said.

When not in school, she loves being outside in nature. Her natural sense of curiosity gives her a chance to explore. That passion spills into her learning. 

For being a world-class virtual learner, we’re celebrating LISD Super Kid Bella VanTatenhove. Congratulations!