A hero among us! We’re painting the town red for LISD Super Kid Viviana Sanchez!

On the heels of wrapping up her fifth-grade year at Knowles Elementary, Viviana can look back and see how much she has helped, supported and encouraged her fellow classmates. She demonstrates honesty and respect by consistently trying to do the right thing. What stands out about Viviana is her self-awareness, working hard on the things that challenge her.  

“During this remote learning phase, Viviana has shown how to be a courageous student, trying to follow all her classroom assignments and responding to all the class meetings and challenges I assign,” said Knowles Elementary Dual Language Language Arts teacher, Claudia Riccelli said. “She is an example of not allowing anyone to interfere with what you can do.”

Congratulations to our LISD Super Kid Viviana Sanchez for showing strength in courage in the face of adversity!