People serenading from balconies, recording personal video greetings, even offering to become personal shoppers–we’ve seen many touching acts of kindness for our senior citizens during the coronavirus outbreak. Meanwhile, a Faubion Elementary School second-grader didn’t need a pandemic to show her affection and concern for the elderly.

LISD Super Kid Elliott Flowers has a simple goal: make people happy. Recognizing how lonely life can be for some of her elderly neighbors, she created a club called “Grandbuddies” so that she and her classmates could connect with retirees and spend time with them. Elliott spearheaded a partnership between Faubion and the nearby Maple Ridge Gracious Retirement Living. Since then, Faubion students have made lots of new friends at Maple Ridge, visiting them and inviting them to come to special events at Faubion.

“Elliott is like a ray of sunshine,” Elliott’s teacher Mary Lackey said. “She’s a self-starter and a little girl with big dreams. Her smile is contagious and her big heart is refreshing.”

Elliott’s care and concern for others doesn’t stop at Maple Ridge; she also started an animal care business this year! She even has the business cards to prove it (but she lets people know the phone number on the card is actually her mom’s).

For her enterprising way of making everyone around her feel valued, congratulations to Elliott Flowers, LISD Super Kid!

LISD Super Kid: Elliott Flowers

Elliott and “grandbuddy” Stephen Hilderbrand at Maple Ridge Gracious Retirement Living. Stephen won the ugly sweater contest in December.